Oil and Gas Landmen: What Do They Do?

Night Time Drilling

Oil and gas is probably one of the most precious types of resource all over the world. And it is mainly due to the fact that they are basically used in almost every type of machineries and equipment that we can find and use in our everyday lives. Without oil and gas, we probably will not be able to have this much innovation. Our transportation services would be relatively dull and slow, there will be no electricity, and the worst part about this all is that there would not have been any internet or computers.

Oil and gas is a really precious natural resource that is being handled with a lot of competition set in place. And the main reason as to why the competition is fierce in regarding to distribution and extraction is that oil and gas is a limited natural resource that would get depleted in specific amount of time. That is why there are some rules that are set in place to not allow for people to just simply extract all of the natural gasses without the consent of two entities, which are the land owner and the drilling company. Here’s a good read about Doggett Land Services LLC, check it out!

The land owner as well as the drilling company will have to come to an agreement before the drilling operation for gas and oil should start, and the person that they should inform if ever the other party should ever agree is called the landmen. A landman is basically an individual who is needed before any drilling operations may begin. They will basically act as a middleman in between the land owner and the stake holder, where they will have to come to an agreement before the landmen will give it the go signal for the drilling operation to start.

Some landmen usually works with an oil or gas drilling company, other landmen are usually independent contractors whom are generally called as a field landmen, which is usually hired by the broker to provide all the necessary requisites before any drilling operation can begin. The company landmen who are working within a certain company of an oil and gas drilling would be eligible to do property record research, manage drilling activities and finally negotiate on the contracts and leases with different companies. While on the other hand an independent landmen’s responsibility usually consist of determining whether the land owner is legit, assimilation of rights and authority to minerals and the acquisition of land and mineral rights and leases. Kindly visit this website http://www.landmanjobs.net/blog/how-to-become-an-oil-and-gas-landman/ for more useful reference.


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